Testing Out Our New Misting Fans!

The Southern California weather report calls for temperatures in the low 80s this weekend.  We’re preparing for the nice weather by trying out the new Luma Comfort MF24B (left) and MF26B (right) misting fans!

These 2 new misters are great for residential or commercial use and can dramatically lower temperatures by as much as 45°F.  Both fans are nozzle-less systems, which means you won’t ever have to deal with clogged nozzles (a problem if you live in an area with hard water).

If you’re looking for a powerful misting fan that will keep you, your guests or your employees cool, consider the MF24B or MF26B.  These 2 models are available now through authorized Luma Comfort retailers such as Patio Everything and Home Appliance Showplace.

Seasonal Health Tips: Preventing Heat Exposure

Spring is in full gear and warmer weather is headed our way. While we’re not quite encountering a heat wave just yet, we can usually count on a hot spell at least once or twice during this season. Furthermore, as we approach summer, rising temperatures in these upcoming months can result in heat-related illnesses that may even be life-threatening.

The most common symptoms of extreme heat exposure are cramping due to loss of water and salt from heavy sweating, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sunburn and even increased blood pressure.

So is the heat the only culprit? Maybe, but it’s also the change in our lifestyles, too. With daylight becoming longer and the sun out in full effect, people tend to stay out more and engage in physical activities.

For example, exercising (or any type of physical activity, really) in high temperatures puts extra stress on your body, and when you don’t take extra care when exposing yourself to the heat, you risk serious illness since both the activity itself and the ambient temperature around you increases your core body temperature.

To protect your health and well-being in the heat, the key is to always keep cool. Follow these important tips:

  • Drink plenty of fluids and don’t wait until you’re really thirsty to drink. If it’s hot outside, you’ll need to increase your fluid intake, regardless of whether you’re jogging outside or just doing chores around the house.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen. Choose lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing if at all possible. If you’re going outside, use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.
  • Limit your outdoor activity to the coolest times of the day: in the morning or evening. Rest often so that your body will get a chance to recover.
  • Closely monitor infants, young children, anyone over 65 and pets, as they are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses.
  • Stay cool indoors – preferably in an area that’s cooled by an air conditioner, air cooler, evaporative cooler or some sort of fan. If your home has none of these appliances, try going to a mall or public library – wherever it’s cool inside. After all, even a few hours spent in a cool room can help your body stay cooler when you go back outside.

Just remember that sudden changes in temperatures will be stressful on your body. Always stay hydrated, try to limit your physical activity and stay indoors as much as possible!

Energy Usage and the Luma Comfort Evaporative Cooler

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days, and with good reason! Not only can being energy-conscious save you money, but it also helps save the planet by reducing fossil fuel usage. But have you ever really thought about how much energy is used by normal household items every day? You’d be surprised!

The Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative CoolerFor instance, since you’re reading this on your computer, did you know the average PC draws about 120 watts while awake? That’s the same as a flat screen TV. And those are some of the lowest appliance wattages. Your refrigerator is around 725 watts, while your basic toaster will run from 800-1,400 watts. The washing machine is only 400-500 watts, however the dryer adds another 2,00 – 5,000! Even some of the smaller and more basic appliances use a lot of energy. Like the coffeemaker you used this morning… that’s 900-1,200 watts. A hair dryer? That’s another 1,200-1,800 watts.

Home comfort products are also incredibly inefficient when it comes to energy usage. A basic space heater is 1,500 watts, while a portable or window air conditioner can use from 1,000 to 1,500 watts.

Keeping all of that in mind, how does 45 or 110 watts sound? Believe it or not, that’s how much power is pulled by Luma Comfort’s line of residential air coolers.

The EC45S Tower Evaporative Cooler only pulls 45 watts of electricity, making it the equivalent to a standard household light bulb. Even the more powerful EC110S only pulls 110 watts – on high – which is on par with an electric blanket. These two units are designed to cool 100-250 square feet, and use a fraction of the energy needed by a similar size air conditioner.

Even the most powerful evaporative cooler developed by Luma Comfort only pulls less than 1/5 the amount of energy of the standard coffee maker. And what do those 220 watts get you? About 650 square feet of cooling, along with 80% less energy than an AC.

At this point, it should be pretty easy to see the value in using an evaporative cooler or swamp cooler in your home or office. Provided you have the proper climate for it (i.e., low humidity, high temperature), one of these units could save you an incredible amount of energy. Best of all, that will end up saving you an incredible amount of money as well.

*All data courtesy of Us Department of Energy

Introducing the New Luma Comfort MF24B Misting Fan

Luma Comfort MF24B 24" Misting FanToday we’re thrilled to announce the availability of our newest misting fan: the MF24B.  The Luma Comfort MF24B 24″ misting fan with centrifugal fan technology cools up to 800 square feet and lasts up to 4 hours when set on maximum speed.

The MF24B comes standard with a powerful 120V motor, a maximum of 1500 RPMs, an integrated 1.76 gallon water tank and baked-on powder coated finish with all-metal fan head and blades.  The Luma Comfort MF24B also boasts an impressive temperature drop of up to 40°F when used in ideal conditions.

Our management team initiated the plan to add a hybrid residential/commercial misting fan to our line of quality air moving and environmental control products.  The design to build process took over 5 months, and we think the MF24B has proven to be an excellent addition to our product mix because this unit is perfect for customers who need a misting fan that offers more power than a typical residential-style misting fan but still retains the style and design of a residential unit.  The Luma Comfort MF24B is also suitable for a wide range of applications, including patios, back yards, pool sides, warehouses, factories, garages, athletic fields and more.

You can find our new misting fan at authorized nationwide retailers starting today.  And with record-breaking hot temperatures in the Northeast this week, what better way to stay cool than with this great new product?