Quick and Easy Luma Comfort HC12W Troubleshooting


Despite being a brand new product this winter, our HC12W Vase Humidifier has already become one of our most popular products. With so many of you bringing us into your homes, we decided to put together some tips and tricks for ensuring you get the very most out of your new humidifier:

  1. Place the unit on a hard, level surface: This unit works best on a hard, level surface, like a desk, table or hard floor. Be careful when using the unit on a carpet or rug. Not only is it easier to tip over, but a thick carpet or rug can also disrupt the flow of air to the intake at the bottom of the unit. This would cause the unit to shut off prematurely, which obviously is a problem
  2. Make sure the demineralization cartridge is screwed on completely: After filling the water tank, be sure that the demineralization cartridge remains screwed in completely to the cap. Then, be sure the cap is screwed on tightly to the water tank. The cartridge should sit flush against the cap, and the cap should sit flush against the tank – try saying that 3 times fast!
  3. Use the included brush: Even though our HC12W Vase Humidifier has an anti-bacterial water tank and a demineralization cartridge, you’ll still need to clean the unit regularly to ensure it’s operating at its best. A simple soak and brush will usually do the job. A small soft brush is included with your unit, and should be used to brush around the base of the unit, in particularly around the water tank connection.

So enjoy your new humidifier, and remember, if you’re having any issues with the unit whatsoever, just give us a call or contact us here. We’re happy to help!