Luma Comfort Vase Humidifier – Where Style Meets Function

Pretty HC12W Vase HumidifierWho says you can’t have a good looking product that also performs well? We certainly don’t.

Meet the HC12W Vase Humidifier. Our signature product, this cool mist humidifier exemplifies everything Luma Comfort stands for:

  • Style & sophistication
  • Unmatched quality & performance
  • Incredible comfort

But don’t take our word for it, check out what other proud owners have said —

“Best humidifier we have ever owned!” – BranFam3,

“I live in a dry climate and this is an excellent humidifier to have in the living room space. Works well and is very stylish. Friends have been shocked it’s a humidifier.” – wheat58,

Luma Comfort’s HC12W ultrasonic humidifier is perhaps one of the most design conscious humidifiers we have had the pleasure of testing… But this is not just a pretty humidifier, as it works flawlessly and can properly humidify a surprisingly large space.” – Expert Review: Allergy Buyers Club


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