Peyton Manning’s 2nd Big Game Win

If you have read my previous blog post on the Denver Broncos, then my predictions are still on the right track. It’s time for Peyton Manning to finally win another Big Game! The Broncos and the Seahawks are the perfect matchup this year, and I could not be more excited. The number one defense is going up against the number one offense, and this Sunday is going to be filled with GREAT football. Peyton Manning has truly made his mark this season with 55 touchdowns and 5,477 yards, and it will be no surprise when he comes out strong from start to finish. After reading his responses from Media Day this past week, it only makes him that much more likable on his modesty about his legacy.images

I’m also quite a fan of the Seattle Seahawks. My grandma used to work at USC when I was younger, and we would always get free tickets to watch their football games at the Coliseum. Pete Carroll was the head coach at the time and it was very exciting to watch his dynasty of leaders, including Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush. Those days were so thrilling, and looking at him now only shows that he is the best at what he does. Everyone at the MetLife Stadium will have their adrenaline pumping and will be shouting with excitement every second. Wishing I had tickets is an understatement. It must be an awesome feeling to be there. If you plan on attending, please share your experience with me! I want to live vicariously through you, and I’m also looking forward to hear what Richard Sherman has to say next!

I cannot wait for Sunday’s festivities to being, and to celebrate a Bronco win. This game only comes once a year, and of course I use it as an excuse to throw a party. It would be un-American of me. In my other blog post, I also mentioned that one of the most important items to have this Sunday was an ice maker. Specifically, I’d like to recommend Luma Comfort’s Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker. Why? Because your life would suck without it. Your party and reputation are on the line if you run out of ice.

I’ve put more thought about how this product can be incorporated into a party atmosphere, and I thought it deserved it’s own blog post. Without this ice maker, your party will be lame because nobody wants a warm drink in their hand. With the pounds of ice it makes throughout the day, you’ll have plenty on site and you won’t have to worry about making those extra trips to the grocery store to buy more bags. It’s compact so you’ll have more room to place your keg near guests, but just don’t put it next to a lot of liquid where the Justin Biebers at your party can ruin it. You’ll need it for future parties to celebrate different occasions, like Valentine’s Day and St. Patty’s Day. of Justin Bieber, it’s good to have tons of alcohol at your party, but you don’t want anyone getting hurt. Drunk driving, especially at a high speed, is very dangerous and friends of mine have been killed because of it. I would love to sign the petition to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada. It looks like he is about to have an immigration case on his hands with over 118,000 signatures on it’s way to the White House. I am really interested to watch what the White House does, and I’m eagerly waiting to see if he receives any special treatment for being a celebrity. He is a horrible role model and bad influence for all of his teenybopper fans. He’s also not newsworthy! Our country is so obsessed with pop culture that we don’t listen to what else is really going on in the world. Did you know that the US government was found guilty of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination? Did you also know vitamin B17 destroys cancer cells, but is banned by the FDA? Did you know that the US government was caught helping the drug cartel smuggle drugs into the US? No, but you knew Justin Bieber was arrested in minutes.

I love the advice that Vanilla Ice gave him though. He told the young singer to turn in the liquor for some coffee, which gave me a great idea. I began vigorously searching for ice cube recipes on Pinterest that would be a great fit for my football party on Sunday. Although it’s not recommended to use other liquid than distilled water for this product, I just couldn’t help myself.


My first recipe is a tasty alcohol and coffee combination. It’s great for a party, but not strong enough to send someone over the edge. It’s also a great energy booster:

  • 2 ox of Baileys Irish Cream
  • 6 oz vanilla vodka or milk
  • Coffee ice cubes

I’ve also been thinking about how I can create orange and blue ice cubes, and I found the perfect solution. Koolaid! You’re probably wondering why I didn’t choose orange juice. Orange juice is more of a yellow color and that wouldn’t match my Bronco decorations. I also heard running Vodka through a Brita filter will improve the taste and that it did!


Therefore, my second recipe is completely different. As the ice melts, the flavor of your drink changes:

  • 6-8 oz of Sprite
  • 2 shots of vodka
  • Berry Blue Kool-Aid Ice Cubes
  • Orange Kool-Aid Ice Cubes

I saw other ice cube recipes on Pinterest with flowers or bits of fruit in them, but I haven’t tried those yet. These two options of flavored ice will fulfill the different taste buds that people may have at your party. I would recommend that you first make the water ice cubes before making the flavored ones. Just make sure to really clean your ice maker afterwards, so it doesn’t stop working correctly.

Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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Lunch Pails

Sometimes I think I should be an interior designer because I love to decorate. It’s fun to mix and match colors and pick out trendy furniture and decorative pieces. I’ve been working in the Luma Comfort Office for almost a month now, and the office decor could use a little work. I’m currently looking at a yellow mustard colored wall to give you an idea of what it’s like in here. Not the best color, but I can definitely work with it.

AP400W-Life-4 lighter

However, every time I come in I start to sneeze. I really do not know what it is besides dust particles, but I literally sneeze every hour and my nose starts to run. Mark, the guy who works on the desk behind me, is always the first one to say “bless you”. It’s almost embarrassing for me that he has to say it so many times. The entire office probably thinks I’m always sick. The only time I ever sneeze a lot is when I’m around a cat, but I don’t know if anyone here is a cat owner and bringing all their cat hair to work with them.

Working for a manufacturer that produces air purifiers, I thought why not test out the product. So I went downstairs to the warehouse to pick up a sample, and I choose the Luma Comfort AP170W Air Purifier. The warehouse is amazing by the way. There are rows and rows of products. I almost got lost. Anyways, the first thing that caught my eye about this particular purifier was the design. It’s sleek, modern, simple, and very high-end. Most air purifiers I’ve seen look like a fan. Have you seen the air purifiers from Honeywell? Some of them look like a cheap tower fan, and others look like a huge lunch pail that my mom would force me to take to school. Although it could probably hold a lot of food, and I do love to eat. I received hostile comments on my Hello Kitty Pochacco lunch pail in elementary school, so I bet kids these days are worse with their blunt, honest comments.

We’ve had the air purifier on all week in the office, and I haven’t sneezed at all. It’s also very quiet when operating, so it’s not annoying to have on while working and it doesn’t overbear my music. The flat panel and simplicity of this product is perfect for any type of decor I wish to bring into the office. It’s white, which is a great color that matches anything, and small enough to fit into the corner for additional space. It stylish and delivers clean air. The best of both worlds. This is going to be my starting point to redecorating the office.

The Many Reasons to Own an Evaporative Cooler

For those of you that live in hot and dry climates with low humidity levels then you can absolutely benefit from an evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler. Instead of spending a ton of money on an air conditioning system, evaporative coolers are a profitable alternative when it comes to being economical and energy efficient.

Living in humidity is extremely uncomfortable and can even lead to death. The high temperatures are dangerous for the human body and it’s imperative to keep the humidity levels within your home at a safe range. Evaporative coolers work to cool the air surrounding you without using harmful coolants or chemicals. This guide helps explain the benefits using an evaporative cooler that will enable you to control these types of humidity levels.

What is Humidity?

Humidity is the water in the air around you. It is a gaseous state that is invisible to the human eye called water vapor. It is expressed as a maximum percentage that the air temperature can hold at, and it is measured in relative or absolute terms. Humidity also determines the probability of dew, fog, and precipitation.

The Dangers of Humidity

Humidity makes our bodies feel hotter, which makes it difficult for us to easily cool down because we lose water and chemicals that our body needs. Our body tries to adapt to the changes in temperature to keep cool by sweating, changing blood circulation, and increasing respiration.

Without the proper techniques to cool down, we can suffer from:

  • Heat cramps

    • Heat can cause muscles to cramp.

  • Heat exhaustion

    • We lose fluids and salt within our bodies when we sweat a lot.

  • Fainting

    • Blood pressure can drop tremendously in the heat, which can lead to fainting.

  • Heatstrokes

    • Our body temperatures can rise to a dangerous level that cause us to suffer from a heatstroke.

Humidity Levels Best for Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers work best and are more effective in areas with low humidity and hot temperatures. They should operate in humidity levels below 50%, which are usually found in southwestern US states where the air is hot and dry.

How do Evaporative Coolers Work?


The main purpose of an evaporative cooler is to lower indoor temperatures by combining cooling properties of evaporating water with an air moving system. With open windows, airflow is controlled to allow the unit to push warm air outside, add moisture, and remove dust and allergens. It’s a great alternative to the traditional air conditioners, but is more effective and energy efficient.

The pump circulates water onto a cooling pad that absorbs the water and then the fan draws air from an outside unit through the moistened pad. As it passes through the pad, the air is cooled by evaporation, so you must make sure that the cooling pads are completely wet at all times during operation. Through evaporation, the added moisture keeps your skin from drying out and prevents any type of dangers from the heat. These units circulate the air from outside into your home helping to make the air fresh and clean.

Benefits of Evaporative Coolers:


Which Size Will Suit Me and My Home?

To determine the correct size of an evaporative cooler for your home, you need the cubic feet per minute (CFM). CFM gives the number of cubic feet of air an evaporative cooler can move in just one minute. The first step is to determine the cubic feet of space needed to be cooled, and then divide that number by two.

Formula: Square Feet * Ceiling Height = Cubic Feet

Cubic Feet / 2 = CFM


If you have a 1,600 sq. ft. room to cool and an 7 ft. ceiling, you should multiply them together, and then divide by two as such:

1600 * 7 = 11,200

11,200 / 2 = 5,600 CFM

You need a evaporative cooler rated at 5,600 CFM or higher.


Evaporative coolers require little maintenance with basic and proper cleanings. The pumps and pads should be cleaned and replaced at least once every 2-3 weeks in order to avoid mold and dirt buildup. This may depend on how long the cooler is operating. However, you will save yourself a ton of money by proper maintenance to increase the longevity of your unit. They are highly energy efficient and operate for way less money than a traditional air conditioner.

Predicting a Denver Broncos Championship

People really need to grasp the fact that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time. You can argue all you want, but I will let Manning speak for himself when he continuously breaks NFL records and leads his team to the Big Game. It’s exactly 20 days away, and I cannot wait to celebrate a Bronco’s championship win by throwing a HUGE party the day of!


I’ve always got to make sure I have the essentials – beer, food, big screen TV, and maybe a lot of napkins in case there’s a bloodbath. Let me share my party checklist to guarantee satisfied guests at your own Big Game party:

1. Bronco Decorations

Because why would I put anything else up? I’ve got to support my team and plaster their colors and mascot everywhere. I’ll be purchasing navy blue and orange colored banners, streamers, balloons, and anything else I can find that will contribute to this perfect setting.

2. Napkins

Considering my decorations, there’ll be others who are hardcore fans of the opposite team, so things are bound to get rowdy. I’ve stocked up on plenty of napkins in case of spills, sticky fingers, and bloody noses.

3. Portable Air Conditioner

This is mostly for myself since I’ll be running around the house making sure everything is okay, but sharing is caring! It can also get really stuffy with a ton of people huddled around together for a few hours.

4. Big Screen TV

My eyesight is horrible, but my big screen HDTV comes in handy and I’m sure everyone else will appreciate it. We’ll be able to clearly watch the game and make fun of Colin Kaepernick commercials.

5. Vacuum

For easy cleanup to get rid of all those crumbled chips on the floor. A hand-held vacuum is more ideal during a party, but I plan on giving this responsibility to my roommate.

6. Toilet Paper

If my roommate and I go through a roll of toilet paper per day, I can’t imagine how many rolls we’ll go through with a dozen more people around.

7. Water Dispenser

It’s necessary to keep your guests hydrated with tons of alcohol and food around. A water dispenser is a great alternative to buying cases of bottled waters because there’s not going to be any room in the fridge.

8. Seating

I asked a few friends to bring some folding chairs just in case I don’t have enough seating for everyone. I’m also going to place blankets or rugs on the floor for those who don’t mind sitting on the ground.

9. Kegerator

It’s no question the drink of choice at this type of party is beer. A kegerator is perfect for guests who are glued to the TV because it’s easy access to quenching their thirst. Place it strategically near the TV.


10. BBQ Grill

This is definitely not a fancy-shmancy party. Throw some meat on the grill! Our diet will consist of chips and dip, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, wings, and sandwiches. You can burn the calories tomorrow.

11. Beverage cooler

Another perfect item for stocking up on non-alcoholic beverages. Keep soda, lemonade, or juice cold and fresh for enjoyment.

12. Make Room for Vegetarians

My roommate is also a vegetarian, so she constantly reminds me to make sure we have a veggie platter. I don’t want her to be the only one starving so I’m getting carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers, and some ranch dip.

13. Misting Fan

It’s torture cooking over a hot stove or grill. Place a Luma Comfort Misting Fan next to you to prevent looking like a hot mess.

14. Ice Maker

So important, yet so easily forgotten. Nothing ruins a party better than a warm drink. With an ice maker, you’ll have plenty of ice on hand and can even make more than needed.

15. Trash Bags


16. Cigar Cooler

After the Broncos win their third championship, I plan on additionally celebrating by smoking a cigar on my patio. I keep them in perfect condition for a glorious moment like this one will be with New Air’s Bottle Thermoelectric Cigar Cooler.

While half the nation is celebrating and the other half is crying over the Bronco’s win, I’ll be proud of all the hard work we put into this season. Thanks for helping me win my fantasy draft this year, Peyton. I owe you one.

Healing Children Back to Their Barbaric Ways


I used to babysit for my uncle’s kids, and I always loved it when they were sick. One: because I finally had peace and quiet since they slept all day, and two: I didn’t have to do much work. They weren’t wildly running around, and their room didn’t look like a tornado destroyed it. However, the down side of them being sick is that they don’t care what they touch. They’re rubbing their nose and mouth touching furniture, door knobs, food, ME…and I would definitely settle for their super craziness rather than getting sick myself. So I opted to buy a humidifier to expedite their recovery process.

My uncle is pretty adamant about giving his children any type of medicine because he feels it may not be safe. Thanks to me, his children’s symptoms are at ease without any help. With a humidifier, I am reassured knowing that the children are taking in fresh air. The moisture helps them easily breathe, cough, and swallow by loosening the mucus in their nose and throat from their cold. They’re more comfortable and able to rest so they can be back to their barbaric ways in a couple of days.

One reason a child might get sick is because of a dry nasal passage. Their skin is also usually dry, and it can be more prone to irritation and wounds. It’s important to have a humidifier that keeps a child’s skin wet and warm at all times, especially after a bath. Moisturizing the air is key to prevent disease and to make their skin feel like soft, smooth butter!

The first time I saw a humidifier I thought it was a really weird-looking contraption. They’re mostly ugly, weirdly shaped, and I would totally be embarrassed if my friends saw it in my room. But, after my impeccable research, I learned that they come in different designs that better suit my fabulous taste (and I guess my uncle’s taste too). The kids are also big believers on saving the planet, so of course I had to invest in a humidifier that was energy efficient or else they wouldn’t let me bring inside the house. I bought the Luma Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It’s design is sleek, modern, sophisticated, and very different. It can absolutely fit into any type of room decor!

HC12W-6-l copy

When I turned it on, I heard nothing! No wonder the kids can sleep with this thing on all day. But after realizing how beneficial it is for children, I vowed that I would always have it on hand when necessary.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Humidifiers

Looking for a tip or two on how to operate humidifiers? You’ve probably noticed the thousands of results when searching through Google. It seems like everyone is an expert when it comes to humidifiers, or are they? Here is some advice coming from a bona fide expert at Luma Comfort!

DO be lazy

Using distilled water in a humidifier reduces the amount of time to clean it. Great for lazy people like myself who hate moving their bodies!

DON’T get chlamydia and die

Do you know what happens when a bunch of people are sick in the same house? NOTHING. No one cleans, no one eats the leftover pizza in the fridge, and everything else is left to rot. This is what happens when you don’t own a humidifier and your body is slow to recover.

DO disburse drugs

I’m not talking about your illegal substances. I’m talking Tylenol, Nyquil, and Robitussin, that can aid the humidifier in getting you back to your healthy self.

DON’T trust people who don’t wear shoes

Because most likely they have dry, rough skin and static buildup. All can be prevented from the moist air of a humidifier, but I also recommend using body lotion, chapstick, and putting on leather shoes.

DO save those pretty pennies

Humidifiers can be quite expensive. Start saving that loose change found trying to escape the washing machine. You’ll be rich in no time.

DON’T let those white dust fairies run wild!

That was the whole purpose of buying a humidifier – to get rid of germs! They’re everywhere, they’re annoying, and they can cause lung damage in children. Yikes!

DO take pride in work you’re not doing

Humidifiers do all the work for you, while you take all the credit. Maintain your health, stay warm, and enjoy the moisture a humidifier brings to your home.

DON’T wake up a sour puss

Leave the humidifier running all all night. It’s totally safe, but make sure you have plenty of water so it doesn’t stop working.

DO be affectionate

Take care of your humidifier and it will take care of you.

DON’T take it with you on a hike

I know it’s great, durable, and the design makes you look stylish, but are you serious? How big do your muscles really need to be?

DO smile

Quit letting yourself suffer more than you already are. Whether you have a cold, allergy, or asthma, the humidifier works to ease those symptoms.


DON’T become an alcoholic

You can have tons of sober fun with a humidifier. They’re great company. But if you decide to, which I’m not condoning because then I would be an accessory to crime, I really recommend sipping on some JD Honey.

DO buy a humidifier from Luma Comfort

They last long, produce outstanding results, and carry more features than most brands. Kapeesh? Kapeesh!

DON’T buy a humidifier of lesser quality

For example, a humidifier from Winix. False hope. How do I know? Because I bought one and returned it within a week.

It’s Time For Luma Comfort to Care for the Wildlife


Luma Comfort is thrilled to give back and save an important species of our entire ecosystem – BATS! We believe they’re misunderstood, and we could not pass up the opportunity to aid Second Chances Wildlife. Second Chances provides rehabilitation and safe release of injured, displaced, or orphaned animal. Since bats have a very specific living condition, we were more than willing to offer a few humidifiers in order to nurse them back to perfect health.


Founded in 2009, Second Chances shelters and cares for injured or orphaned wildlife in the wonderful Louisville, Kentucky. Each animal is fed, taught survival skills, and placed in a pre-release enclosure to simulate their own individual habitat. They are dewormed and vaccinated for healthier populations in the wild, which also decreases the risk of pets and humans receiving wildlife diseases. The company specializes in opossums, but accepts other mammal species including raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats, and more!

One species that requires a lot of attention are bats. Bats are extremely beneficial to our ecosystem for several reasons. They eat insects, pollinate fruits and nuts we eat everyday, and disburse seeds throughout the rainforest for future growth. Their guano (poop) is also the best type of fertilizer that farmers truly appreciate! However, nurturing a bat back to health is very difficult since their environment requires humidity. This is something that is very difficult to produce at Second Chances, and the bats will dehydrate without it.


Luma Comfort is donating FOUR HCW10B Cool and Warm Mist Humidifiers to Second Chances Wildlife in order to support and comfort the bats currently sheltered. The HCW10B protects against dry air by providing cool and warm mist that covers up to 538 square feet. The bats will enjoy the micro fine mist as Second Chances is able to control the humidity with the built-in hygrometer. The tank operates up to 40 hours with a demineralization cartridge preventing lime scale and mineral buildup. Volunteers will be able to remove and clean the water tank for hassle-free work, and most importantly, the silent operation will not disturb the habitat.

We are excited to watch the healing and growth of these bats, and we can’t wait to receive the many updates on how well they’re doing!