How Safe is A Humidifier?

What is a Humidifier? 

hc12b-luma-2Humidifiers are machines that add moisture to the air, usually in order to combat a dry, arid environment. There are many different types of humidifiers, but they all have the same function; control humidity.

How Safe Is A Humidifier?

One main concern on many people’s minds in terms of humidifiers is whether or not the device is safe. No one wants to bring an unsafe appliance into their home and affect the safety of their family.

To ensure the safety of your humidifier, it is important to purchase product that UL or ETL tested.

UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, is an independent organization that writes and tests products for safety. To be UL approved means that the product has been put through safety tests and has passed all of them.

ETL is another testing laboratory that has been conducting safety tests since the 1800s. ETL listed products have been tested and have met all of the minimum requirements for the U.S. product safety standards. Both of these certifications mean that a humidifier is safe for your home and your family.

Risks of Using a Humidifier

For the most part, owning and operating a humidifier is inherently safe, and here are many benefits of using one in your home.

The risks that humidifiers present are usually not caused by the humidifier itself, but from improper use and maintenance of the humidifier.

The most common mistakes owners make when using a humidifier are;

  • Основные CMYKIrregular Cleaning: A humidifier typically needs to be cleaned after every use. If a humidifier is not properly cleaned after every use, harmful bacteria and pathogens can be released into the air.
  • Not Changing Water: The water needs to be changed in the humidifier every time the humidifier is turned off. There should never be water left standing in the humidifier. Standing water is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, that once turned on again, the humidifier will release into the air.
  • Not Checking Filters (if applicable): If the humidifier has a filter, it needs to be regularly checked, cleaned and replaced. If it is not, the filter will not do its job of filtering harmful contaminants. These contaminants will end up in the air you are breathing, if the filter is not clean.
  • Using Tap Water: Tap water contains harsh minerals that can form deposits in the humidifier. These deposits allow for the growth of harmful bacteria, as well as produce “white dust”, a common problem in humidifiers.

Because humidifiers use water to moisten the air, there are certain risks involved when water is left standing in the humidifier.

  • Warm, still water can grow harmful bacteria and mold that when then used will be released into the air. This can trigger asthma attacks in asthmatic people, or trigger cold and flu like symptoms for those that are sensitive to allergies. Even people with excellent immune systems can face serious uncomfortable symptoms resulting from mold, fungi, and bacteria in the air.
  • There is some concern about the “white dust” that can be released from a humidifier that usually occurs when the water has too many un-dissolved minerals in it.

Both of the above problems can be solved by using distilled or demineralized water in the humidifier.

Tap water has minerals that deposit inside the humidifier and can promote growth of harmful bacteria. Also, white dust is caused by the minerals and deposits found in tap water. Using distilled or demineralized water can eliminate these problems.

Maintaining Your Humidifier

sneeze cough sickProper maintenance is important in order to reduce bacteria, prevent and reduce scale, and to keep it operating properly.

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your humidifier running properly. Before buying a humidifier, read about the model’s maintenance plan to ensure the upkeep is one you want to commit to.

  • In general, humidifiers need to be cleaned after each use.
  • The inside of a humidifier should be wiped down in order to prevent the accumulation of minerals and bacteria. Humidifiers should also have their filters replaced at least once every season.
  • Filters begin to discolor whenever they collect debris from the atmosphere, so whenever you noticed your filter losing its pristine color, it’s time to change it.
  • Use distilled or demineralized water to avoid white dust and bacteria growth.
  • Change the water after every use.

If properly maintained, humidifiers are very safe to own and use. Choosing to use a humidifier comes with an assortment of benefits including; reduced allergies, reduced infections, and increased comfort level of the home. Keeping your home’s humidity between 30% and 50% is essential for health and comfort, and using a humidifier is a safe and effective way to do so.

How Does a Humidifier Control Humidity?

hc12b-400What is a Humidifier?

Humidifiers are machines that add moisture to the air, usually in order to combat a dry, arid environment.

There are many different types of humidifiers, but they all have the same function; controlling humidity.

What is Humidity?

Humidity is used to describe the amount of moisture in the air.

We need humidity to feel comfortable. The ideal humidity range within a home should range between 30-50%.

When humidity is too low, it can cause a variety of symptoms including; itchy skin, dry eyes, and irritated respiratory tract. Having too low of humidity can also be damaging to a house and wooden furniture as well.

Humidity that is too high can also be troublesome, and have its own negative effects. We need the right amount of moisture in the air to feel comfortable.

Uses for Your Humidifier

Humidifiers can be used for a variety of reasons.

Not only do they make your home more comfortable, they also are good for your health.

Humidifiers can help relieve pesky allergies and reduce the occurrence of infections and illnesses in your home.

  • No matter how clean your home is, you probably still have a few biological contaminants lurking around.
  • These contaminants include bacteria, mold, mildew, animal dandruff, viruses and pollen.
  • Any or all of these can cause allergies to flare up and make you and your family miserable.
  • ANW-Spring-2010-300x246Humidifiers help reduce the growth of many of these biological contaminants.
  • If the relative humidity in your home is set to 30 to 50 percent, then molds, mildew, bacteria and viruses will not be able to thrive. This will reduce their abundance and your home will become allergy-free.

Humidifiers also help reduce infections.

Bacteria and viruses need a certain environment to thrive, which is generally a moist, warm one.

Cigarette buttsIf you have a humidifier and can control the amount of moisture in your home’s air, then you can stunt the growth of pathogens and keep your family healthy.

Besides making your home safer, humidifiers also increase the comfort level of your home.

By moistening the air, they create the perfect environment to keep your family healthy and happy. Humidity will keep your respiratory tract working properly and will help alleviate dry skin and lips.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

A humidifier is a device used to control the amount of humidity in the air. Humidifiers are typically used in environments that need more humidity. Humidifiers come in four basic sizes that can humidify a single room, all the way up to a single home.

  • Tabletop and tower humidifiers are great for single rooms.
  • Console humidifiers can humidify several rooms of your home at one time.
  • Whole house humidifiers can fill your entire house with humidified air.

Humidifiers are not recommended for environments where the humidity is already high. In environments with too high of humidity, a humidifier is not beneficial and a dehumidifier should be used instead.

How Does a Humidifier Control Humidity?

Humidifiers control humidity by regulating how much moisture is in the air. They are typically used in environments that require more humidity. There are many different types of humidifiers, but all of them work with the same principal, and that is to add moisture. There are four different types of humidifiers.

  • Impeller or Cool Mist- these humidifiers are the most common humidifiers on the market today. They add moisture to the air by utilizing the natural evaporation of water.  An impeller humidifier works by spraying water on a rotating disc, the water is then diffused and turns into tiny droplets. The air is moistened with these droplets in the form of a cool, fine mist.
  • humidifier-mist-250Steam Vaporizer– these humidifiers utilize heating elements that heat water before dispersing it into the air by way of steam.
  • Ultrasonic– these are mist humidifiers and disperse micro-fine cool or warm mist into the air to keep the environment moist and at the perfect temperature.
  • Evaporative– these humidifiers produce humidity by drawing air into the system from the environment and moistening it inside of the humidifier. The air is then expelled to increase the humidity of the room.

Generally, humidifiers have a large reservoir of water attached to their base.

Air then passes through a filter and expels some of the water by way of mist or steam, depending on the type of humidifier.

The evaporated water helps moisten the air. The amount of water evaporated depends on the relative humidity of the environment. Humidifiers on the market today are self-regulating. During times of high relative humidity, there is little water evaporated into the environment. During times of low relative humidity, humidifiers will release large amounts of moisture.

Humidifiers control humidity by adding the right amount of moisture to the air. Although, there are many different types of humidifiers and each one has its own pros and cons, choosing a humidifier can be an excellent way to combat dry air problems you may having in your home.

How to Set Up and Install Your HC12W or HC12B Ultrasonic Humidifier

hc12b-400tallest-nozzle-350A humidifier is a device used to control humidity in the air.

The ideal humidity range for comfortable living conditions is between 30-50%.

Living in an environment with low humidity can cause symptoms such as itchy, dry skin, dry eyes, irritated respiratory tract, allergies, and asthma symptoms. In addition, low humidity levels can also cause wooden items like furniture, instruments, and flooring to dry out, shrink and crack.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of homes that do not have air at the ideal humidity range. To fix this problem, in areas that are typically dry and arid, a humidifier can be used.

A humidifier is a device that is used to add too and control the amount of moisture in the air. A humidifier works by adding moisture through steam, vapor, or a mist, into the air. Many homes can benefit from the use of a humidifier.

Luma Comfort HC12W / HC12B

The Luma Comfort HC12W and HC12B Ultrasonic Humidifiers are an excellent choice for adding humidity into your home.

The Luma Comfort HC12W and HC12B Humidifiers are elegantly designed, made to fit in perfectly with the décor of your home.

Shaped like a vase, the Luma’s sleek design is attractive and a less intrusive looking cool mist humidifier that can humidify areas up to six hundred and fifty feet.

The Luma Comfort HC12W and HC12B Humidifiers are energy efficient, and highly effective. It uses 2.5 gallons of water a cycle, adding comfortable moisture into the air.

The Luma Humidifier operates for a full forty five hours on just one tank fill, making it extremely easy to operate.

How to Set Up and Install a Luma Comfort Humidifier.

This humidifier is an excellent tool for adding humidity into your home. Once you’ve purchased the Luma Comfort Vase Humidifier, you’ll need to set it up.

nozzle-pieces-300Luckily, setting up the Luma Comfort Humidifier can be done in quick, easy steps. Installing the Luma Comfort Humidifier requires no tools.

  1. Remove the packaging material. Make sure that all foam and plastic has been removed from all components of the humidifier. The following components are included on your humidifier
    1. A long nozzle, mid nozzle, mid nozzle pipe and short nozzle which can be changed depending on your personal preference
    2. A handle
    3. Water Tank
    4. Water Tank Cover
    5. DMC
    6. Water Tray
    7. Touch Key
    8. Unit Base
    9. Power Cord
  2. Place the humidifier on a flat, level surface.
  3. Pull the long nozzle on the top of the humidifier up.
  4. Remove the water tank from the base. Unscrew the water tank cover.
  5. Fill the tank with clean water
  6. Screw the water tank cover tightly back into place
  7. tank-350Align the slots on the water tank as you place it back onto the base.
  8. Listen to make sure water is flowing through the tank.
    1. If you do not hear water flowing through the tank, remove the water tank and reattach it.
  9. Place the vertical nozzle onto the water tank.
  10. Plug in the humidifier.

It is important to keep the humidity level at between 30-50%.

This humidity level keeps your home comfortable. Having the proper humidity level also helps improve cold and allergy symptoms, keeps the respiratory tract healthy, and keeps wooden furniture, floors and instruments from shrinking, drying and cracking.

The Luma Comfort HC12W and HC12B Humidifiers are extremely easy to install and set up, requiring only a few simple steps. The Luma Comfort Ultrasonic Vase Humidifiers is designed to fit into the décor of your home, is energy efficient and highly effective.

This Luma Comfort Humidifier is very easy to own, operate and maintain, making it an excellent choice to ensure your home has the right amount of humidity.

The Luma Comfort Vase Humidifier Now Comes in Black!

hc12b-400The Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is an innovative design that combines beauty and functionality. It’s sleek black exterior will suit any home setting in the same functional way that its white counterpart does.

Not only that, the ETL Certified HC12B Vase Humidifier was made to be versatile, with three nozzle height to choose from.

The different heights of the HC12B, according to nozzle size:

  • Small nozzle: 22 ½ inches
  • Medium nozzle: 32 inches
  • Large: 44 inches

The benefits of this versatility is that with the smallest nozzle, the HC12B can be used as a table top vase and not look too tall. The medium range nozzle allows for both floor and table placement, while the tallest nozzle is best for floor placement.


This unit is perfectly suited for medium to large sized rooms.

Tank Capacity & Mist output:

  • Tank holds up to 9.5 pints of water
  • Water tank can last up to 45 hours per fill
  • Covers rooms up to 650 square feet
  • Produces 2.5 gallons of mist/day

What’s great about the tank capacity is that it allows for extended run time. In case you need some night time humidifying, the tank can last you through the night without running out of water. It even has an empty tank indicator.

It should be noted that the tank is not removable in the sense that you can just pop it off and fill it. You have to take apart the model to a degree to access the water filling hole to the tank. This should not be a problem because this design is what makes it unified and elegant.

All kinds of features

With 8 adjustable mist settings, the Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Humidifier provides versatility to your desired mist output. And with each level of mist output that you set the HC12B to comes a beep. The loudness of the beep corresponds to the level of humidity that you set the unit to.

The ultrasonic technology used in this humidifier vibrates a small metal piece at an ultrasonic frequency. The vibration breaks the water into tiny droplets and the droplets become a mist. The mist is a cool mist that eliminates dryness.

humidifier-mist-250Other benefits of micro-fine mist:

  • Ensures that the flooring, carpet, and furniture that you place your unit next to or on top of will not get too wet or drenched.
  • Less chance of the room feeling too muggy.

Even though the ultrasonic technology uses vibrations to create the mist, the unit is actually pretty quiet. It has a decibel measurement of 35 dB. So once again, you will not need to worry about listening to disruptive noise from the humidifier.

The Luma Comfort HC12B comes with a remote control that is in the same shape as the humidifier itself, which adds a touch of cuteness to the elegance. It allows you to adjust mist settings and to turn the unit on and off.

The humidifier also has a memory setting that automatically sets the humidifier at the last mist output level that you had it on before turning it off. This means that Ii you do not unplug your model after you use it, the unit will turn on to the last mist setting that was used before it was turned off.

The demineralization cartridge helps to prevent lime scale and mineral buildup. It allows for use of hard water without having to worry about depleting the product’s life span as much. Of course, distilled/filtered water is always the preferred way to feed any water-dependent product, but for owners who like things to be easier, the HC12W and HC12B have you covered.

Easy to use

Operation of the Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Humidifier is very easy. All you have to do is turn it on and press the mist setting buttons to choose which of the eight mist settings you want. Use of the remote allows for better control, as you can choose mist settings by simply pressing the + or – buttons anytime.

Convenient places to put this vase humidifier

  • Bedrooms: Having
    the HC12W or HC12B in your bedroom lets you rest easy as it keeps dust and allergies under control.
  • crawling-baby-350Living rooms: Watching TV will remain comfortable on dry days.
  • Kitchens: Cooking in a hot kitchen when it is also hot and dry out is no fun. Perhaps consider setting up your product here.
  • Offices & NurseriesQuiet operation allows for your baby to sleep without being woken up, or it lets you work in your office without any annoying appliance racket.
  • Garages: These are obvious hot spots that take the brunt of summer weather changes. Keep your garage moist as you work with your tools in your garage workshop by placing you HC12W or HC102B here.

Finally, the best part of humidifiers like the Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Humidifier is not just it’s absolutely striking beauty and design, but the fact that it makes your home more comfortable by settling dust particles with the fine mist droplets that weight dust down. Your home or office will look and feel as elegant as your Luma Comfort Humidifier.