Make Your Home Allergy Free – Luma AP400W Review

AP400W Air Purifier CleanerThe great people over at Makobi Scribe have been working tirelessly to keep their home allergy free, and we wanted to help! So we provided them with one of our brand new AP400W Air Purifiers for review.

Not only did they love the cleaner air from the AP400W purifier, but they were blown away by the style and design as well:

I was sent the Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier and I must say, I am amazed. The design of the unit is sleek and simple and fits in with any decor quite nicely.

… I know it may sound incredible, but we have only had the unit a week and I have seen a difference.

Be sure to check out their full post below, which includes some of the other steps they took towards creating an allergy free home. Best of all, they’re also hosting a giveaway where one lucky reader will win one of their own Luma Comfort AP400W air purifiers. Just click below for entry information. Good luck!

How To Make Your Home Allergy Free — Makobi Scribe

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