Are Luma Comfort Air Purifiers Good for Dogs (& their Owners)?

Why don’t you see for yourself 😉

Tucker the dog enjoys his Luma Comfort Air Purifier

Our unofficial mascot, Tucker, with his Luma Comfort AP170W Air Purifier

Any pet lover can tell you that one downside of having a furry friend is pet dander. Caused by shedding of fur or even simple skin cells, dander of any kind can and often will cause and aggravate allergies. These particles are microscopic, so even though you can’t see it, pet dander will really affect air quality in the home. Enter the air purifier!

Air purifiers, particularly those with HEPA filters, have been proven to capture airborne particles – like pet dander. This leaves pet owners with asthma or allergies able to breathe freely. Luma Comfort PureClean Air Purifiers, including the AP170W unit that Tucker is enjoying above, feature an advanced HEPA filter that can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns (trust us, that’s really tiny).

In addition to pet dander, these air purifiers also feature a carbon filter designed specifically to filter the worst odors from the air. Again, an important feature for any pet owner.

So there’s your answer, right Tucker?

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