Evaporative Cooler Filter Health You Should Know About

ec110s-hr-7-back-filter-250If you live in an arid climate, an evaporative cooler can be an effective tool in lower indoor temperatures during the hot summer months.

Although highly useful and relatively low cost, an evaporative cooler does require maintenance in order to keep it functioning properly.

Understanding the important parts of an evaporative cooler can help you keep it in optimal shape, keep it running efficiently, and extend its life.

One of the most important parts of an evaporative cooler is its filters.

The filters:

  • Keep the unit running
  • Prevent damage
  • Help prevent contamination in the air and water circulating through the cooler

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

Keeping your evaporative cooler in optimum shape can be a matter of routine monthly inspections. However, depending on the climate and the environment it may be necessary to perform maintenance regularly.

The most common maintenance necessity in evaporative coolers has to do with the filters.

The filter’s job is actually what its name says, it filters:

  • Debris
  • Dust
  • Hard water
  • Pollen
  • Any other contaminant that would interfere with the proper function of the evaporative cooler

Without proper maintenance on the filters, the evaporative cooler would be less effective, and could eventually become useless.

Types of Evaporative Cooler Filters

ec220w-hr-7-filter-300There are multiple types of evaporative cooler filters.

The basic breakdown would be water filters and air filters.

Water Filters are used to filter the water getting circulated into the pads.

  • The evaporative cooler works by passing dry air through wet pads.
  • Although water is a vital part of the cooling process, water can be a very damaging agent.
  • Water itself is corrosive, however the type of water used can be very damaging.
  • A water filter is used to filter the hard water deposits and contaminants from getting into the mechanic parts of the evaporative cooler.
  • Without the filter, the cooler would more frequently need to be descaled of mineral deposits left behind from the water.

Air filters are used to filter dust, debris, and pollen from the air.

  • Because evaporative coolers pull fresh air into the home, it is important to filter out unwanted air particles from the air prior to pushing it into the home.
  • Air filters are necessary for comfort, but it also protects the mechanical parts of the cooler as well. Air filters that are too dirty will allow contaminates into the evaporative cooler, causing it to reduce its efficiency.

Honeycomb Filter Pad

Many evaporative coolers use a honeycomb filter pad to work properly. The honeycomb pad is usually made of fiber, cellulose, or a metal media.

  • The honeycomb pad is moistened and used in the evaporation process and also to filter out dust, debris, and pollen.
  • Typically, the thicker the filter pads, the more cooling power the evaporative cooler has.
  • The more water is used to soak it- the more evaporation occurs.
  • It’s the process of evaporation that cools the air before it gets blown inside the home.

The filter pads are an essential part of the cooler. Honeycomb filter pads usually have a long lifespan, but should be frequently checked to ensure they are in good shape.

ec45s-hr-6--filter-250NOTE: Some evaporative coolers do not come with honeycomb filter pads. The EC45S comes with a synthetic rigid cooling pad that holds more moisture.

Maintaining Filters

The filter is an important part of the evaporative cooler, and imperative to keeping it running efficiently.

  • A dirty, clogged filter will cause a myriad of problems for an evaporative cooler.
  • If the water begins to get contaminated with gunk, it can gum up the water pump, causing it to stop working.
  • If the filters get too clogged, it will stop working properly, and will allow unwanted particles into unit.
  • Dirty filters can cause unwanted smells, mold build up, and can eventually stop the unit from blowing cold air.

To ensure the filters are in a good working condition, it is recommended that owners check the filters on monthly basis.

In addition to monthly maintenance, a cooler that stops working as effectively can be troubleshot by first checking the filters.

If a filter is dirty, depending on the type of filter, it can be cleaned by soaking it in a soapy water or using an air compressor to blow out the debris. Metal filters can be scrubbed clean after soaking. Filters should be air dried prior to reinstalling them.

Sometimes, filters may need to be replaced.

Replacing Evaporative Cooler Filter

You may find that a filter has passed its lifespan and needs replacement.

If a filter needs replacement, it is imperative that gets replaced in order to keep the evaporative cooler functioning properly. To replace a filter, it is necessary to gather the correct information regarding the unit.

The brand and model will usually help guide you in the right direction, but it may be necessary to measure the filter housing to ensure the new filter will fit appropriately.

Replacing evaporative cooler filters is usually an easy task, but the outcome is a better running, properly functioning cooler.

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