How Evaporative Coolers Save You Money

How Evaporative Coolers Save You Money

Lumca Comfort EC110S

Summer is approaching very fast, and this summer is expected to be one of the warmest on record. Most people in the United States use air conditioners to cool their homes, which means summer is also when their electricity bills spike. Air conditioners consume large amounts of electricity. A central AC system consumes 21 times as much electricity as your desktop computer or refrigerator. A window mounted AC unit consumes 5 ½ times as much.  Depending on where you live, your air conditioning will cost you anywhere between $160 and $660 this year. What if there was a more cost effective way to cool your home?

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are a cheaper alternative to traditional AC units. Unlike air conditioners, which cool air by mechanically compressing refrigerants, evaporative air coolers cool air through evaporation. They use a water pump to bring water to a specially designed cooling pad. The water soaks into the pad and then a fan mounted behind it blows it out into the surrounding atmosphere as a fine mist. As the mist evaporates into water vapor, it absorbs and dispels the heat in the air, similar to how sweat absorbs and dispels the heat from your body.

Evaporative Coolers vs. Air Conditioners

Because evaporative coolers use simpler mechanical parts – a water pump and fan – they consume a lot less energy than air conditioners. On average, a centralized air conditioning system consumes 3500 watts (3.5 kilowatts) per hour. An average window mounted AC unit consumes 900 watts per hour. The largest Luma evaporative cooler, the Luma Comfort EC220W, consumes only 220 watts per hour – 75% less. The Lumca Comfort EC110S consumes 110 watts per hour – 88% less electricity. The Luma Comfort EC45S consumes a mere 45 watts per hours, 95% percent less than a standard window mounted AC unit.

How Much Will You Save?

These differences translate into significant savings over the course of a year. The typical American household spends $234.4 to power their air conditioners every year. If they ran an evaporative cooler for the same length of time, it would cost them, at most, $58.6, a savings of $175.8. If they used a smaller unit to cool rooms as they needed them, it would cost them only $11.72 over the course of the entire year! In places like Hawaii, California, or New York, where electricity prices are high, the savings would be even greater: at least $245 – $605 per year. Because they work best in dry environments, evaporative coolers may not be the solution for every household. Check our product knowledge base to see whether your location is well suited for an evaporative cooler. If it is, then they might be the best way for you to stay cool and make a savings this summer.

How Evaporative Coolers Save You Money

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