How Heat Affects Productivity

How Heat Affects ProductivityWhen it’s hot, most people only think about buying an evaporative cooler for their house or yard. They understand how important it is to be comfortable at home, but rarely consider how important it is to be comfortable at work. The average American spends 40-49 hours a week working, and how well they work depends on maintaining a comfortable office temperature.

Productivity & Comfortable Office Temperatures

Studies by Cornel and the Helsinki University of Technology have found that errors increase and concentration declines as temperatures climb above the ideal office temperature of 71.6-76 degrees Fahrenheit. Not everyone reacts to temperature increases the same way. Because men tend to be larger, they usually react more strongly to temperature increases than women, but at 77 degrees all workers start to suffer and productivity begins to drop.

Temperature Productivity
77 98%
82 95%
87 87%
92 85%


The effect on productivity is so profound that, according to Cornell, the ideal office temperature would save companies $2 every hour per employee.

Average Office Temperature

Half of American employees believe normal office temperatures are too hot and 80 percent of them have complained about it at one time or another. Twenty-two percent actually leave their offices at some point during the day just to cool down. That’s a lot of lost hours. Most companies exacerbate the problem by keeping their thermostat up during the day to reduce their heating costs, which, in a large building, can be profound.

Evaporative coolers circumvent this challenge. They use evaporative cooling, a natural process that requires few moving parts and little electricity – less than 25 percent of what an air conditioner consumes, on average.

Evaporative Coolers in the Workplace

Evaporative coolers are ideal for workplaces with large windows or open doors, any place where air can circulate such as garages, hangers, warehouses, restaurants, and farms. Offices and retail spaces have also used them effectively as well. By opening a few windows, they’ve been able to use strategically placed coolers to cool offices and storerooms, or just confined spaces and work stations. Workers operating in direct or next to heavy equipment benefit the most, as they’re are especially prone to overheating.

Keeping cool is a big challenge during summer, particularly for businesses, which traditionally haven’t had many tools available to beat the heat. A comfortable office temperature lets you get the most of your employees, and evaporative coolers are one of the easiest ways to get there.

What do you think? Is your workplace too hot? How do you stay cold when it’s too warm? Leave a comment and let us know.

How Heat Affects Productivity

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