How Luma Makes Clear Ice at Home

How Luma Makes Clear Ice

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Have you ever looked at the ice they serve you in a restaurant compared to the ice you make at home? You might have noticed that it’s crystal clear, while the ice at home is white and cloudy. Why is that? Why should you care?

Restaurant ice is clear because restaurants and bar owners use specialized ice making equipment that freezes ice from the inside out, rather than the outside in, like you do at home. The difference seems small, but it has significant benefits. Clear ice lasts longer, looks better, and does a better job chilling your drink than cloudy ice. But you don’t have to go to a restaurant to get clear ice.

Luma makes clear ice at home using the Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Ice Maker. It produces large amounts of clear ice very quickly in your kitchen, on your patio, or wherever you gather to enjoy a cool drink on a warm day. Here’s how.

What Causes Cloudy Ice

When water molecules freezes, they becomes crystalline and forces out any air or minerals suspended between them. Water freezes in layers. If the water is stagnant, the outside will freeze first and push the air and minerals down into the center where they get frozen along with everything else. But if the water is moving, the opposite happens. A small amount of water freezes and then more layers freeze on top of it. The air and minerals are pushed up to the surface and get carried away before they can become trapped.

Clear Ice & Luma Comfort

In order to replicate this process, the Luma IM200SS runs water over a honeycomb tray connected to the evaporator coils, which keeps it freezing cold. The ice maker then pumps water up from the reservoir and lets it trickle down over the tray in a continuous stream. The water in close contact with the tray freezes first, and the water running over it removes the impurities before they can solidify. The ice builds up in layers until the entire tray is filled. Then a signal is sent to the compressor, which sends a small amount of warm air up to the tray in order to break the ice seal and let the ice cubes fall down into the ice basket.

The ice making cycle lasts 15 minutes, and produces 24 clear ice cubes every time, for a maximum of 28 pounds of ice every day. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy clear, restaurant quality ice at home, whenever you want it.

Want to learn more about how to make clear ice vs. cloudy ice? Read the full length article at our learning center or leave a question in the comments!

How Luma Makes Clear Ice

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