How to Choose a Misting Fan

The summer heat can be absolutely brutal, particularly if there are activities or outdoor chores that need to be taken care of. The ideal solution is to figure out a way to get some relief from the stifling heat while you’re outdoors, and thankfully there’s a product that’s surprisingly effective and eco-friendly: the misting fan.

The technology behind a misting fan is similar to that of an evaporative cooler, and it all begins with water.  Misting fans have special high pressure pumps that generate water pressure while nozzles or misting plates reduce this pressure to tiny droplets.  This creates a fine mist that evaporates upon contact with the air and sunlight, resulting in a cooling effect of as much as 20 – 30°F.

When shopping for a misting fan, you’ll find both inexpensive residential models that are priced under $100 to commercial units priced in the thousands.  To ensure you’re getting the right misting fan for your needs, take into account these key points:

  • Pay attention to the fan’s construction.  Misting fans are constructed of either plastic or metal, with the latter obviously being the more expensive.  While it’s tempting to save a few dollars by purchasing a plastic unit, keep in mind that your fan will most likely be used outdoors where it will be exposed to the elements.  Opt for a fan with at least an all-metal fan head and blades – the extra cost is worth it in the long run.
  • Look for a powerful motor.  A misting fan’s motor should be powerful enough to be able to turn the blades and sufficiently move the air. Keep in mind that the air outside can provide a certain amount of resistance, which is why it’s important to get a fan with a powerful motor.
  • Choose between a centrifugal or nozzle system.  There are pros and cons to both types.  In general, misting fans with nozzles produce a mist you can feel, but these nozzles can get clogged constantly if you have hard water.  Centrifugal systems make use of misting plates that won’t clog, but the mist tends to be finer and drier.
  • Don’t forget about noise.  Misting fans aren’t exactly silent, but you’ll want one that makes the least amount of noise possible.  After all, you don’t want a loud fan to get in the way of your next outdoor party.  With the exception of a heavy-duty industrial mister with an extra-powerful motor, a home misting fan that makes less noise also usually means that it’s built with more precision and accuracy.

When shopping for misting fans, we recommend taking note of these tips.  By following these suggestions, you’ll find a misting fan that will last for years to come.

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