Luma Evaporative Coolers: Remarkably Quiet

Luma Evaporative Coolers: Remarkably Quiet

Luma Comfort EC45S

One of the most common questions Luma customers have is about the noise level of our evaporative coolers and whether it will interfere with conversations, television, or normal home routine. The good news is evaporative coolers are remarkably quiet. Few customers ever complain about the noise. Once they’re plugged it in, most of them forget they’re on.

How Loud Are Luma Evaporative Coolers?

The amount of noise Luma’s evaporative cooler produce varies depending on the size of the cooler and the speed you set it at. At their highest speeds, Luma coolers produce 64-68 decibels (dB). A decibel is a logarithmic unit used to express the ratio between two values of a physical quantity, in this case the power and intensity of sound waves traveling through the air. Decibels increase by factors of ten. If the intensity of a sound wave increases by 10 dB, it becomes 10 times louder. At zero dB, sound is inaudible. At 198 dB, it’s fatal. The shockwave it creates as it moves through the air is strong enough to rupture your brain.

Noise Comparison

Luma’s portable evaporative coolers make roughly the same level of noise as most other household appliances. Here are some common sounds you might hear in your home, so you can see how evaporative coolers compare.

Sound Decibel Level
Rustling Leaves 20 dB
Quiet Whisper 30 dB
Fan (Low Setting) 35 dB
Refrigerator 40 dB
Rain 50 dB
Air Conditioner (Max Setting) 57-63 dB
Normal Conversation 60-65 dB
Evaporative Cooler (Max Setting) 64-68 dB
Vacuum Cleaner 84-89 dB
City Traffic 85 dB
Hair Dryer 80-95 dB
Handsaw 95 dB
Baby Crying 110 dB

If you’re sensitive to sound, try positioning your evaporative cooler in front of an open window or door instead of against a wall. This will direct the sound waves outside rather than reflecting them back towards you. Sound also drops approximately 6 decibels every time you double the distance between you and the source, so you also reduce the amount of noise you hear by placing it further away from you.

Interested in learning more about Luma’s evaporative coolers? Check out our complete product guide.

Luma Evaporative Coolers: Remarkably Quiet

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