Luma Humidifiers Help Sick Children

Luma Humidifiers Help Sick Children

No parent likes seeing their kid get sick, and kids get sick so often. The average child will catch eight to ten colds a year before they turn two. They’re not just more vulnerable to disease, they suffer more because of it. Their lungs and airways are small and can’t adapt to sudden changes in airflow, which makes any amount of congestion a serious issue. Parents often feel helpless, but there’s one easy way for them to help: get a Luma Comfort humidifier.

Luma Humidifiers Prevent Disease

Viruses have a harder time surviving in a humid environment than a dry one. Raising the humidity to 40-50 percent keeps flu viruses from thriving. When they’re released into humid air, they die out faster, before they can infect a new host.

Luma humidifiers also protects your child’s respiratory system. It’s lined with mucous membranes that act as an important barrier to infection, trapping viruses and bacteria before they affect your child’s health.  When these membranes dry out, they become less effective, allowing more outside particles to slip through and affect your child.

Luma Humidifiers Help Sick Children

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Luma Humidifiers Relieve Congestion

Dry air also causes congestion. When the mucous membranes in the nose and throat dry out, they thicken and form globules. If enough of these globules accumulate in your child’s nose or throat, they can lead to wheezing, dry coughs, and shortness of breath. When this happens, Luma humidifiers can help. By adding more moisture back into the air, they help re-hydrate these globules, making them easier to expel.

Luma Humidifiers Prevent Asthma Attacks

Dry air is an asthma trigger. When your child’s lungs and throat dry out, they can become irritated, inflamed, and swollen. The harder it is for them to breathe, the greater risk they’re at for an asthma attack. Breathing in the moisture from a Luma humidifier helps ease their discomfort and lessen your child’s risk.

Dry air contains other asthma triggers as well, such as dust, dander, and insect parts. Putting a Luma humidifier in your child’s room will not only help sooth their throat and lungs, but the added moisture will soak into harmful particles in the air, making them too heavy to stay airborne and affect your child.

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Luma Humidifiers Help Sick Children

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