Reasons You Need a Humidifier This Winter

Reasons You Need a Wintertime Humidifier

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Winter air is very dry and causes a number of problems that impact your health and comfort – chapped lips, congestion, allergies, illness, and dry, flaky skin. Luma Comfort humidifiers provide the perfect solution to these problems. They release moisture back into the air with energy-efficient ultrasonic technology. They relieve the effects of dry air, protect you from illness, reduce allergens, and lower your heating bill.

Why Winter Air is So Dry

Humidity is measured in two ways. The first is absolute humidity, the mass of water vapor in the air, and the second is relative humidity, which is the ratio between the amount of water vapor in the air and the maximum amount of water vapor the air can hold. Absolute and relative humidity fluctuate with temperature. When it’s hot, air expands and the water vapor suspended in it is spread out over a larger area, driving down relative humidity and enabling the air to hold more water. When it’s cold, the opposite happens. The air contracts, water vapor becomes more concentrated, and the air’s capacity to hold water plummets. Condensation happens more often, normally in the form of rain and snow, and removes water from the air, driving down absolute humidity. Water is taken out of the atmosphere more often, and replaced less quickly.

Why Central Heating Makes It Worse

The problem of dry air is exacerbated by central heating systems actually. As it warms the air inside your home, it causes it to expand and decrease its relative humidity goes us, making the dry air feel even drier.

How Luma Comfort Humidifiers Re-Humidify the Air

The best way to counteract this trend is to simply release moisture back into the atmosphere with a Luma Comfort humidifiers. Luma Comfort humidifiers generate moisture using ultrasonic technology and phenomenon called acoustic droplet vaporization. A small metal plate, known as a transducer, vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies and sends ultrasonic waves through the water tank. The waves compress the water as they travel, increasing the internal pressure of the individual droplets until they exceed the vapor pressure of the surrounding air and trigger a phase transition from liquid to gas. They vaporize and the compression waves release them out into the atmosphere.

Using this technology, Luma Comfort humidifiers can release up to 2.5 gallons of water into the atmosphere every day and raise the relative humidity to 70 percent in rooms 538-650 square feet without disturbing you at all. Ultrasonic transducers vibrate at 20 kHz, far beyond the threshold of human hearing. The one downside is that they’re single room humidifiers, so their humidity is going to be fairly well contained in whatever area you run them. If you have a large home, you’ll either have to carry them from room to room or buy multiple units for different rooms. Fortunately, Luma Comfort humidifiers weigh between 5-6 pounds, so transporting them isn’t a problem.

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Reasons You Need a Wintertime Humidifier

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