It’s Time For Luma Comfort to Care for the Wildlife


Luma Comfort is thrilled to give back and save an important species of our entire ecosystem – BATS! We believe they’re misunderstood, and we could not pass up the opportunity to aid Second Chances Wildlife. Second Chances provides rehabilitation and safe release of injured, displaced, or orphaned animal. Since bats have a very specific living condition, we were more than willing to offer a few humidifiers in order to nurse them back to perfect health.


Founded in 2009, Second Chances shelters and cares for injured or orphaned wildlife in the wonderful Louisville, Kentucky. Each animal is fed, taught survival skills, and placed in a pre-release enclosure to simulate their own individual habitat. They are dewormed and vaccinated for healthier populations in the wild, which also decreases the risk of pets and humans receiving wildlife diseases. The company specializes in opossums, but accepts other mammal species including raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats, and more!

One species that requires a lot of attention are bats. Bats are extremely beneficial to our ecosystem for several reasons. They eat insects, pollinate fruits and nuts we eat everyday, and disburse seeds throughout the rainforest for future growth. Their guano (poop) is also the best type of fertilizer that farmers truly appreciate! However, nurturing a bat back to health is very difficult since their environment requires humidity. This is something that is very difficult to produce at Second Chances, and the bats will dehydrate without it.


Luma Comfort is donating FOUR HCW10B Cool and Warm Mist Humidifiers to Second Chances Wildlife in order to support and comfort the bats currently sheltered. The HCW10B protects against dry air by providing cool and warm mist that covers up to 538 square feet. The bats will enjoy the micro fine mist as Second Chances is able to control the humidity with the built-in hygrometer. The tank operates up to 40 hours with a demineralization cartridge preventing lime scale and mineral buildup. Volunteers will be able to remove and clean the water tank for hassle-free work, and most importantly, the silent operation will not disturb the habitat.

We are excited to watch the healing and growth of these bats, and we can’t wait to receive the many updates on how well they’re doing!