Lunch Pails

Sometimes I think I should be an interior designer because I love to decorate. It’s fun to mix and match colors and pick out trendy furniture and decorative pieces. I’ve been working in the Luma Comfort Office for almost a month now, and the office decor could use a little work. I’m currently looking at a yellow mustard colored wall to give you an idea of what it’s like in here. Not the best color, but I can definitely work with it.

AP400W-Life-4 lighter

However, every time I come in I start to sneeze. I really do not know what it is besides dust particles, but I literally sneeze every hour and my nose starts to run. Mark, the guy who works on the desk behind me, is always the first one to say “bless you”. It’s almost embarrassing for me that he has to say it so many times. The entire office probably thinks I’m always sick. The only time I ever sneeze a lot is when I’m around a cat, but I don’t know if anyone here is a cat owner and bringing all their cat hair to work with them.

Working for a manufacturer that produces air purifiers, I thought why not test out the product. So I went downstairs to the warehouse to pick up a sample, and I choose the Luma Comfort AP170W Air Purifier. The warehouse is amazing by the way. There are rows and rows of products. I almost got lost. Anyways, the first thing that caught my eye about this particular purifier was the design. It’s sleek, modern, simple, and very high-end. Most air purifiers I’ve seen look like a fan. Have you seen the air purifiers from Honeywell? Some of them look like a cheap tower fan, and others look like a huge lunch pail that my mom would force me to take to school. Although it could probably hold a lot of food, and I do love to eat. I received hostile comments on my Hello Kitty Pochacco lunch pail in elementary school, so I bet kids these days are worse with their blunt, honest comments.

We’ve had the air purifier on all week in the office, and I haven’t sneezed at all. It’s also very quiet when operating, so it’s not annoying to have on while working and it doesn’t overbear my music. The flat panel and simplicity of this product is perfect for any type of decor I wish to bring into the office. It’s white, which is a great color that matches anything, and small enough to fit into the corner for additional space. It stylish and delivers clean air. The best of both worlds. This is going to be my starting point to redecorating the office.