Luma Humidifiers Help Sick Children

Luma Humidifiers Help Sick Children

No parent likes seeing their kid get sick, and kids get sick so often. The average child will catch eight to ten colds a year before they turn two. They’re not just more vulnerable to disease, they suffer more because of it. Their lungs and airways are small and can’t adapt to sudden changes in airflow, which makes any amount of congestion a serious issue. Parents often feel helpless, but there’s one easy way for them to help: get a Luma Comfort humidifier.

Luma Humidifiers Prevent Disease

Viruses have a harder time surviving in a humid environment than a dry one. Raising the humidity to 40-50 percent keeps flu viruses from thriving. When they’re released into humid air, they die out faster, before they can infect a new host.

Luma humidifiers also protects your child’s respiratory system. It’s lined with mucous membranes that act as an important barrier to infection, trapping viruses and bacteria before they affect your child’s health.  When these membranes dry out, they become less effective, allowing more outside particles to slip through and affect your child.

Luma Humidifiers Help Sick Children

Luma Comfort HCW10B Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

Luma Humidifiers Relieve Congestion

Dry air also causes congestion. When the mucous membranes in the nose and throat dry out, they thicken and form globules. If enough of these globules accumulate in your child’s nose or throat, they can lead to wheezing, dry coughs, and shortness of breath. When this happens, Luma humidifiers can help. By adding more moisture back into the air, they help re-hydrate these globules, making them easier to expel.

Luma Humidifiers Prevent Asthma Attacks

Dry air is an asthma trigger. When your child’s lungs and throat dry out, they can become irritated, inflamed, and swollen. The harder it is for them to breathe, the greater risk they’re at for an asthma attack. Breathing in the moisture from a Luma humidifier helps ease their discomfort and lessen your child’s risk.

Dry air contains other asthma triggers as well, such as dust, dander, and insect parts. Putting a Luma humidifier in your child’s room will not only help sooth their throat and lungs, but the added moisture will soak into harmful particles in the air, making them too heavy to stay airborne and affect your child.

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Luma Humidifiers Help Sick Children

Room Humidifiers vs. Whole House Humidifiers

Room Humidifiers vs. Whole House Humidifiers

Luma Comfort HCW10B Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

Besides there being two types of humidifiers – warm mist and cool mist – there are also two classes of humidifiers – room humidifiers and whole house humidifiers. Room humidifiers are small, portable units that humidify small areas, while whole house humidifiers are built into your HVAC system and humidify your entire home. The debate over which is better is tough to resolve, the benefits of each are so unique, so to help make your decision, we took a look at some of the most popular models and summarized their pros and cons below. Continue reading

Reasons You Need a Humidifier This Winter

Reasons You Need a Wintertime Humidifier

LUMA COMFORT HCW10B Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

Winter air is very dry and causes a number of problems that impact your health and comfort – chapped lips, congestion, allergies, illness, and dry, flaky skin. Luma Comfort humidifiers provide the perfect solution to these problems. They release moisture back into the air with energy-efficient ultrasonic technology. They relieve the effects of dry air, protect you from illness, reduce allergens, and lower your heating bill. Continue reading

What Does a Demineralization Cartridge Do?

What Does a Demineralization Cartridge Do?

Luma Comfort Demineralization Cartridge

Does your home have hard water? Maybe you’ve noticed some white residue on your faucets or white spots on your plates and pans after you wash them. Eighty-five percent of American homes have hard water, and if you’ve seen these, then odds are your home is one of them.

Hard water is safe to drink. In fact, it even has some mild health benefits, supplying the body with calcium and magnesium and slightly lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, in your humidifier, it can cause problems – creating dust and destroying your machine. Continue reading

Humidifiers vs. Vaporizers

Humidifiers vs. Vaporizers

LUMA COMFORT HC12B Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Most households experience a drop in humidity during wintertime. Lower temperatures means less evaporation and prevents the air from holding moisture. Furnaces and forced air heating systems exacerbate the problem because they burn out any lingering water vapor as they circulate warm air. Dry skin, itchy eyes, and nasal and throat irritation are all symptoms of low humidity. It also increases risk of colds, causes paint and wallpaper to peel, and damages wood furniture and electronics.

Humidifiers and vaporizers alleviate these problems by adding moisture back into the air. Most people don’t understand the differences between humidifiers and vaporizers. They both dispense moisture, but in different ways. Continue reading

Slideshow Video: Watch How the Luma Comfort HC12W & HC12B Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vase Humidifiers Will Help Your Home

In case you missed our slideshow last week on the HC12W and HC12B Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers, here it is again, with added information, narration, and music!

Watch it below.


The Luma Comfort Vase Humidifier Now Comes in Black!

hc12b-400The Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is an innovative design that combines beauty and functionality. It’s sleek black exterior will suit any home setting in the same functional way that its white counterpart does.

Not only that, the ETL Certified HC12B Vase Humidifier was made to be versatile, with three nozzle height to choose from.

The different heights of the HC12B, according to nozzle size:

  • Small nozzle: 22 ½ inches
  • Medium nozzle: 32 inches
  • Large: 44 inches

The benefits of this versatility is that with the smallest nozzle, the HC12B can be used as a table top vase and not look too tall. The medium range nozzle allows for both floor and table placement, while the tallest nozzle is best for floor placement.


This unit is perfectly suited for medium to large sized rooms.

Tank Capacity & Mist output:

  • Tank holds up to 9.5 pints of water
  • Water tank can last up to 45 hours per fill
  • Covers rooms up to 650 square feet
  • Produces 2.5 gallons of mist/day

What’s great about the tank capacity is that it allows for extended run time. In case you need some night time humidifying, the tank can last you through the night without running out of water. It even has an empty tank indicator.

It should be noted that the tank is not removable in the sense that you can just pop it off and fill it. You have to take apart the model to a degree to access the water filling hole to the tank. This should not be a problem because this design is what makes it unified and elegant.

All kinds of features

With 8 adjustable mist settings, the Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Humidifier provides versatility to your desired mist output. And with each level of mist output that you set the HC12B to comes a beep. The loudness of the beep corresponds to the level of humidity that you set the unit to.

The ultrasonic technology used in this humidifier vibrates a small metal piece at an ultrasonic frequency. The vibration breaks the water into tiny droplets and the droplets become a mist. The mist is a cool mist that eliminates dryness.

humidifier-mist-250Other benefits of micro-fine mist:

  • Ensures that the flooring, carpet, and furniture that you place your unit next to or on top of will not get too wet or drenched.
  • Less chance of the room feeling too muggy.

Even though the ultrasonic technology uses vibrations to create the mist, the unit is actually pretty quiet. It has a decibel measurement of 35 dB. So once again, you will not need to worry about listening to disruptive noise from the humidifier.

The Luma Comfort HC12B comes with a remote control that is in the same shape as the humidifier itself, which adds a touch of cuteness to the elegance. It allows you to adjust mist settings and to turn the unit on and off.

The humidifier also has a memory setting that automatically sets the humidifier at the last mist output level that you had it on before turning it off. This means that Ii you do not unplug your model after you use it, the unit will turn on to the last mist setting that was used before it was turned off.

The demineralization cartridge helps to prevent lime scale and mineral buildup. It allows for use of hard water without having to worry about depleting the product’s life span as much. Of course, distilled/filtered water is always the preferred way to feed any water-dependent product, but for owners who like things to be easier, the HC12W and HC12B have you covered.

Easy to use

Operation of the Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Humidifier is very easy. All you have to do is turn it on and press the mist setting buttons to choose which of the eight mist settings you want. Use of the remote allows for better control, as you can choose mist settings by simply pressing the + or – buttons anytime.

Convenient places to put this vase humidifier

  • Bedrooms: Having
    the HC12W or HC12B in your bedroom lets you rest easy as it keeps dust and allergies under control.
  • crawling-baby-350Living rooms: Watching TV will remain comfortable on dry days.
  • Kitchens: Cooking in a hot kitchen when it is also hot and dry out is no fun. Perhaps consider setting up your product here.
  • Offices & NurseriesQuiet operation allows for your baby to sleep without being woken up, or it lets you work in your office without any annoying appliance racket.
  • Garages: These are obvious hot spots that take the brunt of summer weather changes. Keep your garage moist as you work with your tools in your garage workshop by placing you HC12W or HC102B here.

Finally, the best part of humidifiers like the Luma Comfort HC12B Ultrasonic Humidifier is not just it’s absolutely striking beauty and design, but the fact that it makes your home more comfortable by settling dust particles with the fine mist droplets that weight dust down. Your home or office will look and feel as elegant as your Luma Comfort Humidifier.