Healing Children Back to Their Barbaric Ways


I used to babysit for my uncle’s kids, and I always loved it when they were sick. One: because I finally had peace and quiet since they slept all day, and two: I didn’t have to do much work. They weren’t wildly running around, and their room didn’t look like a tornado destroyed it. However, the down side of them being sick is that they don’t care what they touch. They’re rubbing their nose and mouth touching furniture, door knobs, food, ME…and I would definitely settle for their super craziness rather than getting sick myself. So I opted to buy a humidifier to expedite their recovery process.

My uncle is pretty adamant about giving his children any type of medicine because he feels it may not be safe. Thanks to me, his children’s symptoms are at ease without any help. With a humidifier, I am reassured knowing that the children are taking in fresh air. The moisture helps them easily breathe, cough, and swallow by loosening the mucus in their nose and throat from their cold. They’re more comfortable and able to rest so they can be back to their barbaric ways in a couple of days.

One reason a child might get sick is because of a dry nasal passage. Their skin is also usually dry, and it can be more prone to irritation and wounds. It’s important to have a humidifier that keeps a child’s skin wet and warm at all times, especially after a bath. Moisturizing the air is key to prevent disease and to make their skin feel like soft, smooth butter!

The first time I saw a humidifier I thought it was a really weird-looking contraption. They’re mostly ugly, weirdly shaped, and I would totally be embarrassed if my friends saw it in my room. But, after my impeccable research, I learned that they come in different designs that better suit my fabulous taste (and I guess my uncle’s taste too). The kids are also big believers on saving the planet, so of course I had to invest in a humidifier that was energy efficient or else they wouldn’t let me bring inside the house. I bought the Luma Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It’s design is sleek, modern, sophisticated, and very different. It can absolutely fit into any type of room decor!

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When I turned it on, I heard nothing! No wonder the kids can sleep with this thing on all day. But after realizing how beneficial it is for children, I vowed that I would always have it on hand when necessary.