Tips to Boost Productivity in the Workplace

Boosting Productivity in the Workplace

One of the common issues with any workplace is a drop in employee productivity. There are many reasons for this fall in productivity. In some cases, employees are just not motivated enough. However, there are times where the main reason for the inefficient productivity is the office ambiance.

Common Problems That Interfere With Productivity at Work

Most times, managers feel employees are not working up to the mark because of a lack of motivation. However, a lack of motivation is not always the reason behind a decrease in productivity. In most cases, the environment of the office is to be blamed for it. Let’s look at a few common problems that cause employees’ productivity to drop:

Lack of Ventilation Ventilation is essential for any workplace. Without proper ventilation the environment gets stuffy and employees may even have trouble breathing. Unfortunately, a lack of ventilation is the most common reason behind a drop in productivity. When the ventilation is not sufficient, the office becomes difficult to breathe in. Most offices are located on high floors and buildings do not have windows that open. This is why it is up to ambient devices and appliances to improve the environment.

Quality of Air The air quality also has a huge effect on employees’ productivity. If the air in the office is not of a good quality, it could cause allergies and diseases amongst employees. When the employees are not fit for working, the productivity will automatically drop.

Excessive Air-Conditioning If ventilation is insufficient, it will cause the environment to become warm and stuffy. However, this is not the only thing that can cause a problem. Most workplaces turn the air-conditioning all the way up. This causes employees to feel cold. The temperature of any workplace should be maintained instead of making it extremely hot or cold. If the body is not operating at its ideal temperature, employees won’t be able to function to their full potential.

Creating a Comfort Zone at Work There are many things an employer can do to make the environment at a workplace comfortable for the employees. These things will keep employees comfortable and motivate them to work properly and the productivity will increase automatically. Let’s look at a few things that can be done to enhance productivity:

Maintaining Temperature of Air Conditioning The first thing that you should be doing to enhance productivity is deciding on a moderate air conditioning temperature. Excessive heat or cold can cause employees to feel uncomfortable. This is why the temperature should be set to a moderate level which is suitable for everyone. Do keep in mind that there are different people working in a single workplace. One must be considerate of everyone because every employee is important for the business.

Comfortable Seats Uncomfortable sets can cause backaches, shoulder aches and a variety of other posture problems. This is why an employer should invest in quality seats that keep the back of any employee comfortable. Once the employees are able to sit comfortably, they will automatically be able to work more.

Working Aids and System Another important tool for workers is the computer and other working aids. If the system employees are working with is not up to date and working properly, they won’t be able to perform. Moreover, substandard working aids also induce stress. This is because employees are expected to produce more work, but the system keeps them from doing so.

Boosting Productivity in the WorkplaceHow to Boost Productivity at Work

There are many aids an employer can use to increase productivity and creativity of employees at work. Let’s look at a few aids that can be used to increase the productivity of employees:

Ambient Lighting

There has been a lot of research conducted on the ideal ambient lighting for work. The results show that creativity is boosted when the lights dim. This is because an individual gets to concentrate on the task at hand when the surroundings are dimmed out. It is not necessary to keep the lights dim, but a dimmer can be attached to the lights. This way the lights can be brightened and dimmed as preferred.

Ambient Sounds

There is no doubt about the fact that music soothes the brain. However, there are certain ambient sounds that help the brain relax as well. Moreover, these sounds are also known to boost productivity. Even songs can be played for this purpose but there is one thing that should be kept in mind. If the music or sounds are played at a high volume, it will cause disturbance. This is why the volume should be kept moderate. The best way to achieve this would be to install small speakers throughout the workplace. This way, the volume will not have to be turned all the way up and everyone can listen to the sounds at a moderate volume. Allowing workers to listen to music with headphones could also be a good option.

Work Space for Employees

There are quite a few workplaces where employees do not have a proper desk to work. This may come as a surprise but work space also affects productivity and creativity significantly. This is why each employee should be given a separate cubicle. This boosts the creativity process and allows employees to think out of the box.

Install Appliances to Improve the Ambiance

There are many appliances available in the market to enhance productivity of employees. These appliances do not have any effect on the productivity directly. However, they improve the ambiance of the office and ultimately enhance productivity. To prevent employees from catching allergies and diseases, it is best to install an air purifier.  It also keeps the bacteria away and prevents employees from catching flu and cold. Another product employees should invest in is evaporative coolers. They are portable and can refresh the surrounding environment in a snap.

Appliances That Can Improve Productivity at Work

Air purifiers clean the surrounding air and make it pure for the employees to breathe. There are many impurities in the air. Installing a purifier can help get rid of this particulate matter

prevent employees from falling ill. One of the best air purifiers you can get is the Luma Comfort AP400W. It is compact and has a variety of modes. It consumes less power so it is economical and durable as well.and

There are certain areas where air conditioning does not do much good. These are the areas that you should outfit with an evaporative cooler. One of the best coolers you can get is the Luma Comfort EC45S. It consumes as much energy as a small light bulb. You will be able to save money and improve the environment of your office.

If you want to improve the productivity of your employees, you have to improve the office ambiance. You can use the abovementioned tips for doing so. Do keep in mind that employees can only work to their full potential when they are comfortable and happy.


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